openSUSE project :

The openSUSE project is a worldwide community program sponsored by Novell with the goal to serve the most usable and userfriendly desktop Linux system. openSUSE (earlier known as Suse or SuSE) has been a top Linux distribution for quite a while (first appeared in 1992 as S.u.S.E). Formerly a business-only solution, now concentrates on home user's desktops and workstations.

It is famous for its great configuration tools like YAST — a complete control center for system administration. openSUSE is said to be one of the simplest distributions to install and configure. It offers great support (also for notebooks) and documentation. Lately, it's it's gaining more popularity among desktop users thanks to it's open-source move.


openSUSE is a well-integrated distribution. The supported applications produce a coherent system. It supports both KDE and Gnome, treating both desktops equally (although the commercial Novell products default to GNOME).

Xgl support

openSUSE 10.1 was the first standalone system to support Xgl Technology eveloped at Novell. It allows to achieve different eye-candy effects on the desktop in real-time without taking much processor power (well-supported video card is required though).

Configuration tools

The famous YAST installer and configuration tool is the one application that can be used to configure almost any aspect of the system, including such things as software installation, services configuration, sharing files or configuring the external devices. YAST is considered one of the leaders of all-in-one integrated control panels for GNU/Linux (another one is Mandriva's Control Center). There is also convenient X-Window configuration tool — SaX2. It gives ability to choose graphic card, set resolution, color depth etc. Everything in few mouse clicks.

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