Best FOSS for Windows

List of some best free open source software (foss) for windows. These software are licensed under Free Software Licenses . These are really great software & are absolutely free and best alternate to paid software. Feel free to download them all and use them to the fullest.

Follow the link provided and downloaded the software from the page.
1)Browser :-

Mozilla Firefox: It is considered to be the best browser available and is most widely used browser after Microsoft's Internet explorer.

Google Chrome: It has been recognized as the fastest browser and it is the third most widely used browser.


2)Audio and Video :-
VLC Player: A highly portable open source multimedia player capable of playing most of the audio and video file formats.
Media Player Classic: A very light weight and simple video player for windows.
Audacity: It's a free audio editor for recording, Slicing and mixing audio files.

3)Office Suites :-
Abiword: An open source word processing program. A completely free and open-source office program, you can use this program to do all your MS Office work.

Gnumeric :Gnumeric is the spreadsheet portion of the Gnome Office suite, as well as a standalone tool. Gnumeric has been available for some time and is an excellent spreadsheet.
 4)File Sharing :-
DC++: An open source Peer-to-peer file sharing client.
Frostwire: It's a totally free limewire alternative and you can use it for free P2P file sharing for Gnutella and BitTorrent protocols.

5)CD/DVD Tools :-
InfraRecorder: A free CD/DVD burning software.

6)Image/Graphics Tools :-
GIMP: An open source Image manipulation program for windows.
Inkscape: A Vector graphics editor, similar to adobe illustrator. A free image editing software for windows.

FileZilla: An open source FTP client for Windows.
WinScp: A free SFTP, FTP and SCP client for windows.

8)Instant Messaging / IM :-
Pidgin: A very popular chat client, which helps you connect MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM and other chat networks at once.

9)Email Clients :-
Mozilla Thunderbird: A popular and a great alternate to Microsoft outlook. It has intelligent spam filter which filters all the trash emails and has an inbuilt RSS reader to read all you feeds at one place.

10)Security Tools :-
Passwordsafe: A free software to help you manage you passwords safely.
TrueCrypt: An open source disk encryption software for windows.
ClamWin: A very popular open-source antivirus to scan your PC for virus and also get free virus updates.
The only difference between ClamWin and the competition, apart from the absence of a price, is that it does not use a real-time scanner.

11)Utilities :-
7-Zip: A file achiver which supports ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and Tar format.
UltraVNC: A powerful software that helps you connect to another desktop through remote desktop connection.

12)Web Related / Developers :-
Notepad++: A free text editor and source code editor for windows.
DotNetNuke: It's an open source platform for building website based on Microsoft .Net framework.
Xampp: A simple Apace distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl.
PHPMyadmin: An application to handle the administration of MySQL.
WebDevloper Suite: A windows based platform for development, testing and deployment of PHP and MySQL websites and application.
NVU: An alternate to Dreamweaver software.

13) IRC client :- 

X-Chat 2 : X-Chat 2 is one of the best Internet Relay Chat (IRC) clients available. Although many users are forgoing IRC in favour of standard instant-messaging tools, IRC is still a valuable resource for consultants and IT admins.


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