Ubuntu Studio 9.10 - Karmic koala

Ubuntu Studio 9.10 : The Multimedia ToolKit Complete Installation Guide ubuntu studio http://tinyurl.com/ydama7r .

It is built for audio, video and graphic enthusiasts or professionals. But as it is free and open-source, everyone is free to use. It is an officially recognized derivative of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, which is explicitly modified for general multimedia production. The original version, based on Ubuntu 7.04, was released on May 10, 2007. The main aim was to assemble suites of applications aimed at creative people. Suites including the best open-source applications like Graphic design and modeling applications i.e. GIMP and Inkscape . Blender, Kino, and Stopmotion etc are included for video creation; and Audacity, BEAST, Fluidsynth etc. for audio.


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