Ubuntu Tweak - Best Ubuntu Manager

Ubuntu Tweak-a very good ubuntu manager with a nice UI for managing all ubuntu settings http://bit.ly/8NmMmj linux ubuntu opensource.
It will save you a lot of time as this application centralizes most of them and gives you a UI to control and configure your system settings yourself.Ubuntu Tweak makes it easy to change hidden system and desktop settings.Unfortunately, it is only for GNOME desktop environment . This is still under heavy development and very good utility for ubuntu users. Tweak is more or less like Ubun-student but a bit more stable and reliable with lesser bugs.But this application is also going heavy development , so watch for updates and latest releases regularly. It was basically build for the new Ubuntu users to help them getting a better ubuntu experience. We recon this a must have for your Ubuntu Desktop and we are sure it will improve your Ubuntu desktop significantly.
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